Emirates Quality Mark (EQM)

Emirates Quality Mark (EQM)

Approved Quality Meets Ease of Export

The (EQM) is a mark of conformity granted to the products that can demonstrate compliance with the relevant UAE National Standards, Regional and/or International Standards and are manufactured by an organization implementing an effective Quality Management System to ensure continuous compliance.

The process of achieving the license to use the Emirates Quality Mark involves a comprehensive evaluation of the product as well as the quality system used by the manufacturer in production through auditing, testing and inspection.

  • Issuance of License to use Emirates Quality mark for Products and factories According to the technical requirements of Board of director’s decision no. (2-2-3) for the year 2013 related to Emirates Quality Mark Scheme , click here for more information, refer to ESMA website.
  • The EQM Certificate can be used to clear shipments from Ports and Customs Authorities instead of ECAS Certificate for the certified products only.
  • The Mark can be printed on the certified product as a proof of compliance and approval by the Federal Government through ESMA.
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