Halal training

Halal Training

A Professional Approach to Halal

Halal Training is a fundamental part of Halal certification. In order to comply with common Halal standards, personnel responsible for Halal production need proof that formal Halal training was received.

RACS is able to provide such training for your personnel. Based on your personal needs this training can optionally be followed by an examination.

Staff for which Halal training might be mandatory or useful includes:

  • Personnel involved in Halal animal slaughtering and meat processing.
  • Staff involved with conformity / quality assurance within a Halal production process.
  • Kitchen staff in Restaurants or Hotels preparing or handling Halal food.
  • Professionals generally interested in Halal procedures.

We can accommodate you about how you want the training to be conducted, whether it’s online or on site, we provide tailor-cut solutions that fit your needs and circumstances.

Formal Halal training adds real value to your products and can be a strong addition for your personal resume.

Please refer to our FAQ for further information.

Interested in Halal training?