Who we are!


Your partner for compliance

RACS is an accredited and recognized conformity assessment body. We offer worldwide services in inspection, verification, assessment and certification requirements. Through those high-quality services we enable our clients to meet the growing challenges of quality assurance and social responsibility.

RACS specializes in the conformity assessment of the market regulations in the Middle East, specifically the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, as well as the rest of the GCC countries. Some of the services we offer, such as the RACS Halal certification, enjoy recognition far beyond the Middle Eastern market, such as Europe, US, and North Africa, just to name a few.

RACS was established in Dubai in 2009, while the German office was opened in 2015. Since then we have been a trusted partner for many manufacturers, distributors and brand owners by supporting them with compliance, quality management and risk management.

This results in new business opportunities by opening up new markets and therefore growth that benefits both, businesses and consumers.

01. Mission

We at RACS believe that compliance is a fundamental cornerstone for business success and growth. Therefore it is our mission to enable manufacturers, distributors, brand-owners, and exporters to make their products compliant for the highly dynamic and growing markets in the Middle East. Our experts for every relevant consumer product category stand ready to get to work for your business endeavors in the region.

02. Vision

RACS aims to gain and maintain confidence within the global supply chains by ensuring that all relevant social, technical, environmental, and economic standards are met. To this end it is always vital to maintain the highest level of credibility, reliability, integrity, and efficiency for all our services. The vision of RACS is accomplished when our clients are able to expand their business and enter new markets. Their compliance ensures a high level of confidence in the newly gained customer base.

03. Approach

Since each business has its own unique products, approach, and philosophy, RACS provides a highly-diversified portfolio of services for a wide variety of consumer goods and services. Our goal is always to offer customized solutions for each individual customer. By delivering best-in-class certification, verification, and related services, we ensure that our clients’ transition to new markets is smooth, efficient, and reliable.