SASO Quality Mark (SQM)

SASO Quality Mark (SQM)

Saudi Quality Guaranteed!

The SASO Quality Mark (SQM) is a mark of conformity granted to the products that demonstrate compliance with the relevant national standards set by the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) in Saudi Arabia. The SQM is proof that the manufacturer has implemented an effective quality management system to ensure continuous compliance with the aforementioned standards.

In order to be granted the SQM license a comprehensive evaluation of the product as well as the quality system used by the manufacturer in production through auditing, testing and inspection is necessary.

The certificate will be valid for three years, and is subject to surveillance audits every 6 – 12 month, depending on the product.

The SQM is both a voluntary and a mandatory mark. If manufacturers would like to add consumer confidence in their products and the product is not subject to regulation by SASO, the SQM can be chosen as a voluntary mark.

As a mandatory mark RACS is able to perform the conformity assessment for the following products, which are subject to regulation:

  • Building materials - part I: Reinforcing Steel (rebar) for buildings
  • Building materials - part III: Cement and concrete
  • Building materials - part IV: Bricks, tiles, ceramics, and sanitary ware
  • Gas appliances and their accessories

Note: The SQM also facilitates the entry of products through customs ports, by simplifying the process significantly Find out more about HNM

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