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Halal certification

Our food hygiene & halal professional certified consultant will guide your business in selecting the correct halal certification that best meets the requirements for your products & services. We will help to process your application effectively and efficiently.

We provide in-house management and audit counsel, advising you the review and evaluation update of your establishment.

We assist you with the halal consultation to get your establishment, service or product certified. We can offer you a halal trade event and halal corporate seminar. Furthermore, we can advise you on halal eCommerce since we have the experiences & knowledge.

The term Halal ‘Arabic: حلال’ means permitted by the Islamic Law. It refers to products and actions that follow Islamic standards which fulfill the basic requirements for Muslim consumers around the world. At RACS, our highly qualified auditors follow GSO 993, 2055-1, and 2055-4 standards during the certification process.

As per our partnership with AENOR, RACS maintain extensive accreditations and recognitions for its testing and certification services