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RACS stands for Regulatory Affairs Certification Services. We shortened it to RACS.
RACS is a conformity assessment body with diverse scopes. As an accredited certification body, RACS works systematically and impartially as per ISO 17065 to fulfill its objectives.

We help producers, exporters, and importers to meet specific regulatory requirements, which enables them to increase their business of exporting and importing compliant products to and from many regions around the world."
The meaning of the Arabic word Halal is "permissible" and refers to what is lawful in traditional Islamic Law. Most frequently it refers to food, drinks, and cosmetics.

Halal in the context of certification describes the status of a product, process, or place being compliant to Halal standards set by official regulatory entities.

A Halal standard states the requirements that must be fulfilled in order to reach that status. This makes a product suitable for consumption or usage by Muslims who acknowledge and request it.
The Halal certificate is a document confirming that a product is conforming to the Halal standard. The certified products are allowed to carry a Halal logo in order to signal its conformity with traditional Islamic Law to individuals. Muslims around the world care about buying certified Halal products and prefer them over non-certified or non-Halal products. For companies who are interested in extending their business to markets with a Muslim majority or even a minority, the Halal certification is key to increase sales by reaching new customers, and to export to countries with major Muslim communities.

Some Muslim countries import regulations require a Halal certification for most products, especially in regards to food, drinks, and cosmetics.
RACS aims to reach a highly respected level of Quality for its services. This includes fair handling of the whole auditing and certification processes. RACS believes in its mission to support its clients to maintain a long-term relationship, and to help them reach their goals by promoting their compliant products.

RACS is an internationally well-recognized and respected certification body accredited by the GCC Accreditation Centre (GAC) and registered with the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA). Our certificate is of great value for your marketing and for exporting your products and is recognized in most countries around the world, especially in countries with a Muslim majority.

Therefore, A RACS certification adds real value to your products.
Yes! RACS as a conformity assessment body has a wide scope of activities and possesses accreditation or notification in various criteria for product or service categories in regards to quality, product safety, environmental standards, energy efficiency, etc. Please contact us directly whenever your company needs to meet specific requirements in product certification.

If you plan to do a business of any kind in Muslim countries, especially in the Middle East, chances are that RACS can assist you in meeting all requirements necessary to go forward with your plans.

For a detailed description of the other services RACS offers, please refer to the specific FAQ.
Theoretically, a Halal certificate can be issued for any kind of product. The highest value of a certification is for products with unknown origin, status, or way of production. Most commonly it is applied to food, drinks, and cosmetics. Products conform with Halal standards are highly sought after by Muslims around the world.

Some countries request a Halal certification as a mandatory requirement in order to import any products.
Besides regular audits of the slaughtering and meat production processes and facilities, the production itself in the slaughterhouses has to be continuously monitored by a RACS-staff member in order to ensure delivery of Halal-conforming meat.

A separate seal is issued for every shipment you want to be compliant with Halal standards.
The application is the first step which enables you to shortly thereafter receive information about the process, duration and cost in an individually created quotation. This avoids misunderstandings regarding the extent and range of the certification.

The process, duration, and cost depend on many factors specific to your company. Without detailed information regarding your company, we cannot provide you with reliable details about the certification process.

With RACS you can submit your application through our online form which you can find here.
We describe the Halal certification process in a document, which you can download here.
The RACS Halal Mark shows the Arabic word “HALAL” and states the name “RACS” as the certifier. The Halal logo of RACS Germany is a registered trademark with the German Patent and Trade Mark Office. The logo can be used by companies for all their RACS Halal-certified products.
Any interested party who wants to claim a Halal status of its products can apply for the certification. The interested party can be the producer itself, an importer, a distributor or any trader in general.

Keep in mind that a Halal certification is not only a requirement for import in some countries but also can add real value to your products in local markets, especially if those have a significant Muslim community. Halal products are highly sought after by Muslim communities around the world.
RACS operates globally and has clients in many countries around the world. There is no geographical limitation since RACS maintains offices in almost all continents.